Bridging Colliding Worlds Anouschka is a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist from USA and Sweden. She is known for stylistic versatility, well-crafted lyrics, strong guitar playing and unique vocal phrasing. Her diverse fusion-style has resulted in crossover airplay worldwide from jazz ,to Americana. Journalists describe her as "Marianne Faithful meets Joan Osborne, Shania Twain and Nora Jones". Anouschka calls her style "A-nordic-ana"- Scandinavian pop sensibilities with American Roots and Jazz.  

Fresh New Sound In 2014, Anouschka ventures into a new Afro-fusion realm of sound where Nashville writing meets Nairobi beats. The new album is called "Shine" and tracks are already on steady rotation in Kenya. The songs can also be found under Anouschka's Kiswahili nickname "Pendo"  (love). The release "Shine" aims to help popularize Kenyan music abroad while helping orphans and the poor locally.

Anouschka's unique talent as a fusion songwriter may be due to her cosmopolitan childhood; she grew up moving between Asia, Europe, and USA due to her Swedish mother and American father who worked as an army doctor. Her songs have received recognition from Billboard and IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) contests. She's been #1 for Germany on Reverbnation Charts- in 2013 and 2011-2012.

Performances Anouschka has over 400 performances from Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Sweden, Germany, Kenya and South Africa. She works with Gold Album Award-winning musicians and is active in charities for children and wildlife.




"Anouschka fills every song she does with intrigue that feels exciting and full of emotion, whether  in the jazz, blues or rock idiom.
Rune Häger, Rootsy Magazine **** (Feb 24, 2013)

"Joni Mitchell, Lisa Loeb, Meredith Brooks,Fiona Apple or Joan Osborne are the clear comparisons one can draw here...Fans of mentioned female singer/songwriters will absolutely love this slightly alternative sounding American/Swedish singer/songwriter."Angelfire.com **** (May 03, 2013)

“Anouschka is a master of versatility... at the same level of Norah Jones and Shania Twain and Ms. Joan Osbourne. A wonderful voice, with the ability to phrase in the way normal pop stars can't....pop as well as jazz and blues, all unobtrusive, with a dose of self-irony...”- Dietrich Gastrock, Home of Rock **** (Feb 08, 2011)




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