Bridging Colliding Worlds... 
Scandinavian Pop with Americana
She calls her style "Anordicana"- Scandinavian pop with American roots & jazz. Anouschka (Little Anna) is "a-Nordic-Ana"- a Swedish/American singer songwriter. Journalists describe her as "Marianne Faithful meets Joan Osborne, Shania Twain and Nora Jones". Her songs play worldwide. She has honors from  Billboard World Song Contest, IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) contest, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and has charted on AMA Charts in Nashville, USA and  #1 in Germany on Reverbnation. 

Afro-Americana- A new genre
In 2014, Anouschka  visited Kenya, and noticed that people were playing hits from the Western sphere in spite of a rich local pop scene, To help raise awareness for this scene, she recorded the album "Shine" (Angaza in Swahili)  Anouschka is the first western woman to fuse Western songwriting with current East African pop beats (by Kenyan producer Teddy B) and Swahili- which she studied while in Kenya. The album bridges cultures as well as secular and non-secular faiths with its spiritual and family-friendly message. Proceeds help orphans and the poor. Tracks have already been featured in Kenya on TV and radio. Anouschka is also devoted to wildlife causes. The  album includes a reggae version of "Dying to be Free" -the original folk version was campaign song 2014 for in 60 countries for the Global March to Save the African Lion from canned hunting. 


"Anouschka fills every song she does with intrigue... whether in the jazz, blues or rock. Rune Häger, Rootsy Magazine **** (Feb 24, 2013) 
"Joni Mitchell, Lisa Loeb, Meredith Brooks,Fiona Apple or Joan Osborne ...Fans will absolutely love this slightly alternative sounding American/Swedish singer/songwriter. Angel fire *****

"Anouschka is a master of versatility... she is at the same level of Norah Jones and Shania Twain and Ms. Joan Osbourne. A fantastic voice with the ability to phrase in a manner most pop stars can’t” Dietrich Gastrock,Home of Rock **** 

The song "Silently": is a Bob Dylan level one... it contains everything needed for thousands of interpretations - from folk to heaviest blues rock., France


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