Indie Singer Songwriter

 "A master of versatility. At the same level of Norah Jones, Shania Twain and Ms. Joan Osbourne" Home of Rock, Germany

Musical Nomad 
Anouschka is an indie singer songwriter as featured in Song of the Year, Billboard World Song, International Acoustic Music Awards, John Lennon Songwriting. She studied songwriting and guitar at Berklee College of Music and has since gone on to release albums through her own label AP Music, Sweden.

Anouschka's multi-national heritage (half Swedish/ half American) and nomadic upbringing leave a distinct mark; her songs travel through genres and cultures. Swedish critic Rune Häger, says she "fills every song she does with intrigue... whether in the jazz, blues or rock." In addition to being hailed as a solid writer/lyricist, Music Connection, USA calls her a "surprisingly fine, subtle acoustic guitarist who uses chromatic chord changes, subtle underscoring, and lots of surprising dynamics...." and Home of Rock praises her vocals with "the ability to phrase in a manner most pop stars can’t."  

Nashville to Nairobi
The latest album "Shine (Angaza) " takes Anouschka on a  spiritual journey from Nashville to Kenya where East African pop beats fuse with her songwriting.  21st Century Artists, Hollywood, USA describe the album as an impressive  "range from folk to pop to country with a hint of reggae perfectly thrown in". The song "To Know Love" won semi finalist out of 20,600 entries for Song of the Year Awards 2015.

Anouschka performs solo as well as with numerous world class players  like Chuck Anthony (Ace of Bace) James Bradley Jr (Slash, Beastie Boys, Aretha Franklin), Rockis Ivarrson (Thåstrom).

New Album

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Next Show

Live At Heart Festival  
Örebro, Sweden

Thursday Sept 3 Stallbacken 13:30  
(20 minute promo spot for evening church performance) 

Thursday Sept 3 Skäpplandsgården 14:00 

Thursday Sept 3 Nikolai Church 23:00 40 minutes acoustic solo

Friday Sept 4th East West 19:00 
"Nashville to Nairobi" Show -acoustic solo and playback

Saturday 5th Scandic Elvy 23:00 
"Nashville to Nairobi" Show -acoustic solo and playback




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