"Anouschka fills every song with intrigue....whether she works in the jazz, blues or rock idiom."  -Rootsy Magazine, Sweden
"From a stars perspective, we are only here for a short time. Let's leave things better than when we arrived."-Anouschka

Anouschka is a songwriter/guitarist known for her musical versatility and intelligent lyrics. She has coined the term "Anordicana" to describe her blend of Nordic pop with American roots & jazz. A "Nordic "Ana" is also a play on words for a Scandinavian Anna (Anouschka is half Swedish). She's honoured in contests by Billboard, IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards), Editors Pick at Indienation.com, and California Radio 101. Her songs  charted #1 in Germany on peer-voted Reverbnation Charts, #2 in France at Midnight Blues Radio and on AMA (Americana Charts) in Nashville.
She is active in projects to protect wildlife and education with children to fight poverty.

Kenya, Africa Dec-Jan 2014 

Anouschka is in Kenya working with her charity projects: handling the beginning school term for the Milele Children Scholarship students, and volunteering at a local orphanage with music and dance sessions. 

She is recording the new single "Engine" and shooting the music video in Nairobi. 

New Video! Nashville to Nairobi!

Anouschka's song "Dying to Be Free" is used as inspiration for the Global March to save the African lion. The song is a collaboration with Mr. Patterson and tells the true story of the Dark Lioness from Mr. Patterson's book which exposed the canned lion industry in 1988.  

Dying top Be Free

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