Anouschka is an international recording artist and singer songwriter. She has put her name on the map with five CDs/EPs, international performances, worldwide airplay, #1  chart positions, and honors in the most competative songwriting contests -  Billboard World Song, International Acoustic Music Awards, and John Lennon Songwriting Awards. 

Master of Versatility
In an industry inundated with manufactured artists where artists sound increasingly the same, Anouschka is a refreshing breeze with her "uninimitable stamp"  (Jon Aldridge, hit songwriter) and craftsmanship. Numerous critics attest to her unique voice and creativity . Home of Rock, Germany calls her "a master of versatility" and compares her to Norah Jones, Shania Twain and Joan Osbourne.  Swedish music critic Rune Häger says she "fills every song with intrigue...whether in  jazz, blues or rock."
  The IAMA  (INnernational Acoustic Music Awards) Board says she's "An artist to watch out for".

Breaking Ground
Anouschka began breaking ground and fusing influences as a songwriting and guitar student at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA in the 90s. She graduated with distinction in 1996. As the only girl in her guitar classes, she understood early on that she was on an unbeaten path if she aspired to become a female songwriter who was also proficient as guitarist/arranger, production savvy in the studio, and in charge of her own career. She spent her first years mastering guitar and performance skills and more recent years on mastering vocals and production.

From Nashville to Nairobi   
Anouschka visited Kenya in 2014 to perform the campaign song "Dying to Be Free" for the Global March of Lions . The song is a collaboration with noted South African author and wildlife preservationist Gareth Patterson. The march protested canned lion hunting in 60 countries. While visiting Kenya, Anouschka met a local producer. Bored with western genre formulas and eager to bridge music and cultures, she took songs she had begun writing in in Nashville as well as those she had started while studying Swahili in Nairobi,  and let him add add an East African flavour.  21st Century Artists, Hollywood, USA calls the resulting album  "Shine (Angaza) "an impressive range from folk to pop to country with a hint of reggae". 

The Artist as Active Humanitarian

Since volunteering with wildlife in the South African bush in 2010 and 2012 and visiting Kenya in 2014, Anouschka has become increasingly involved in education and wildlife projects. She devotes her time between music and charity. She is currently working on a new album.



New Charity Project!

Dear Friends and Fans, I am proud to announce my project to help the most vulnerable at-risk children in Watamu, Kenya with their school. Please take a look at my project.
School Desks for at risk children Watamu, Kenta

I am completing final delivery to seat 604 children at a desk next Tuesday. This is possible due to my fabulous friends and fans worldwide who have pitched in from Sweden, USA,  France, Thailand, Peru, Germany....My next goal is to clothe the children in clean,  untattered school uniforms. Read more


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