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Anouschka composes, performs, and produces original music

Anouschka is half Swedish and half American. She is based in Berlin, Germany.  She grew up traveling the globe while living in Thailand, Sweden, U.S.A., Germany, and England. She is versatile with her music as well, easily blending blues, jazz, rock, pop and reggae influences with well-crafted lyric content. She has collaborated with producers in Germany, the USA, Sweden, Kenya. She has worldwide radio play and international performances under her belt. Honors/Awards include BILLBOARD WORLD SONG, IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards), JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING AWARDS

Anouschka released her debut singer-songwriter album in Boston, MA, the U.S.A while finishing her studies at Berklee College of Music. It was followed by a blues-inspired album in Sweden, a pop-rock album in Berlin, an East African inspired album in Kenya, and a solo singer-songwriter album in Berlin. She has been compared to artists like Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Shaina Twain, Bonnie Raitt, Joan Osborne, and Nora Jones

In 1999, she began traveling to Kenya and noticed that people were playing hits from the Western sphere in spite of a rich local pop scene. To help raise awareness for this scene, she pioneered a  style there blending Kiswahili, English, local Kenyan beats with Western songwriting form. Her African-influenced songs are family-friendly, spiritual, and intended to build bridges for a more tolerant world. She also trained as a Field Guide in South Africa. She was commissioned to write the first song to protest canned lion hunting in South Africa. The song became the campaign song for the Global March to Save the African Lion in 60 countries

Anouschka is currently focused on bedroom producing in addition to sharing her African Song Collection internationally to continue a dialogue of cultural exchange and tolerance

Her bedroom productions will be released this year 2020


Photo Jakob Tryniszewski

German Introduction

Anouschka ist eine amerikanisch-schwedische Songwriterin mit Einflüssen aus Jazz, Blues und Rock und wuchs in Asien, Europa und Amerika auf. Die Zeitschrift „Home of Rock“ (Deutschland), vergleicht sie mit Joan Osborne, Shaina Twain und Nora Jones, nannte sie "ein Meisterin der Vielseitigkeit, verschleiernde Tiefe mit einer trügerischen Einfachheit." Schwedens „Musiklivet“ sagt " Sie kann alles, von einem langsamen Blues bis zu Up-Tempo-Pop". Anouschka's Songs werden auf Indie-Radio-Stationen auf der ganzen Welt gespielt.

Der Song "Kiss Me Hello" und "Parting" wurde von den The International Acoustic Music Awards(IAMA) herausragende Leistungen im Bereich der akustischen Musik ausgezeichnet. 

A strong vocalist, but a surprisingly fine, subtle acoustic guitarist”

— Music Connection, USA

A master of versatility and depth”

— Home of Rock, Germany

Rich texts...exciting and full of emotion, whether she works in the jazz, blues or rock idiom”

— Rootsy Magazine, Sweden