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Multi-talented and award winning Swedish-American artiste Anouschka has released the visuals to her latest single “SHINE”. The audio was produced by Dillie of House of Dillie and video directed by Director O, and 1900 Films Kenya

“SHINE” is a song honouring the unseen heroes, who work hard to build their lives in the face of hardship and challenges. It’s a song dedicated to those who feel invisible and an inspiration to those who feel unloved and bogged down with the everyday stresses.

Speaking about the song, Anouschka says: “The original arrangement has an upbeat Kenyan gospel flavour to it, but that was not so easily marketable overseas, so I also made a point to make the new version very accessible musically for ANY market. The new version is recorded by Dillie at House of Dillie. I premiered the new version at Live at Heart Festival in Canada last October and people loved it.”

Anouschka aka Chadi’s love for Swahili can be traced back to 2013 when she wrote her first Swahili /English lyrics fusing Kenyan beats with western songwriting, where she was working with Teddy B in Satellite at the time. From then, she has managed to fuse the Kenyan style with the western a move that has seen her work with several producers and also put Kenya on the global map.

In June, Anoushcka will be among six singers /songwriters who will be showcasing their works at one of the largest musical event MIDEM in France, and she will be showcasing Shine among other works from her previous albums.

Besides music, she is also a champion for women’s rights and is on the BOD for Milele Children charity based in Boston, USA which pays school fees for disenfranchised children in Malindi -Milele Children.

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The Star, Kenya

The Star, Kenya

Kenyans and their energy inspire Anouschka to shine

Swedish-American singer Anouschka is set to perform at the showcase in France through EMG (Entertainment Music Group, Canada) and release new songs in the USA.  

“Since I’m performing, I’ll also say a few words about Kenya, how I’ve been inspired by the energy and people of this country” she told Word on Tuesday. The singer is currently promoting her song |Shine| which has also been inspired by Kenyans. “The new version of it is inspired by the unsung heroes in the society, their strength and resilience struck me. I write music that is uplifting. I’m very spiritual about how I write my music.” She said.
“I wanted to make a song that was meant to inspire and touch lives.

Last year, I was watching a beggar in the streets and I thought, those people have a light. Why are they so invisible, and why do we close our eyes to such people? They just want to shine too.”

Through the years, Anouschka has gained international recognition. She began her journey when her Swedish grandmother gave her a guitar at the age of 13. She taught herself to play and began writing. As a teenager, she was the lead singer for an all-girl rock band in Sweden.
“I have also been invisible, and as a woman, I have been in situations where I have felt discriminated against and not even given the right to present myself,” Anouschka said. “An example of that was when I wasn’t given a chance to perform at a jam session because I’m a woman with the guitar, and the guy was like "women can’t play guitar". That as four years ago in Germany.”

Insyde Magazine, East Africa

Insyde Magazine, Kenya

Insyde Magazine, Kenya


Chadi is an international recording artist who has been infusing styles for many years. In 2013 she added Kiswahili and East African musical elements to her repertoire. The name Chadi was given to her by the Giriama people in Watamu after crowd-funding money to help buy desks, uniforms and water for 600 children in Watamu Primary School. The name Chadi means honorable hardworking and kind woman. She first worked with Teddy B in 2013 and produced the song “Ndoto” in 2014. The song honors the dreamer in everyone. It was inspired by children in a children’s home in Malindi.