Anouschka is Swedish/American singer-songwriter, and producer.  She is known for versatility, well-crafted lyrics, vocal phrasing and guitar chops.

Her songs play worldwide. She has performed in  USA, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, and Kenya. She started as lead singer for an all-girl rockband in Sweden before moving to New York. She later attended Berklee College of Music and  graduated Cum Laude in 1996.  She worked as an inner city music teacher before relocating to Los Angeles.  In Los Angeles she performed her music while honing acting skills at  Joanne Barron Studios.  She eventually moved to Berlin to work as a music reporter for NPR.

Her music took an African twist when she  trained as a Field Guide in the South African Bush in 2010. This led her to write  "Dying to Be Free" with South African author/activist Gareth Patterson. It is the  first song against canned lion hunting and was the campaign song in 60 countries for the Global March of Lions 2014.

In Kenya she pioneered a fusion style in 2013 with Kenyan beats and Kiswahili. Her album Shine "Angaza"  set a trend and helped raise awareness for the Kenyan music scene abroad. She returned to Kenya 2016, and crowd-funded money to seat 604 impoverished school children.  As thanks, the Giriama Tribe gave her the African name "CHADI". Anouschka  uses this as her stage name for her  African-inspired songs  and self-produced urban songs. Its serves as a reminder to stay grateful.

This year Chadi presents more African-inspired songs: “Na Wewe” and "Shine". She also presents her first songs as producer:  "The Way I See You", "Holding On" and "This is the Time". "Holding On" features Emmy-Award Winning spoken-word poet Matthew. The songs feature bass by Max (Beyoncé, Raphael Saadiq, Party Next Door)   Grammy-nominated Beau Vallis (Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne) has re- mixed her productions for  U.S. radio.

In 2017 Anouschka started her fashion brand Song Queen Couture. The brand is the first inspired by a life in music  "For the song in every woman 'cause you weren't born to be a groupie."  She manages her label, publishing, bands, promo and distribution through Song Queen Ltd. and is a member of ASCAP/STIM, and SKAP, Sweden. She is an avid mentor and activist for wildlife, poverty, e education and gender equity.