Anouschka Anouschka

“Anouschka is a local Berklee grad who's put together an impressive collection of tunes here in a retro, jazzy pop style reminiscent of Rickie Lee Jones or Phoebe Snow. Her affecting songs exert a seductive charm,leaving a vivid impression of their cast of searching characters: barflies with the cocaine blues, slumming covergirls, lost runaways, lovelorn 12-step diehards. “This is a story about Charlie-Charlie's a guy I used to know,” Anouschka murmurs casually to introduce a lilting tale about a wise guywhose luck has finally run out. “Four am she's reeling home in leather laced with gin,” she sings in the lovely “Call Daphne”, her knowing voice altogether sympathetic to the lot of another partygoer unsteadily towing the thin line between fun and the inevitable hangover.” Ivan Krelikamp, Boston Phoenix, Boston, U.S.A. 04/03/1998, 

"Suzie swings her hips with flair.”, “Four a.m. she's reeling home with leather laced with gin.”, “Doused in stale sex and Channel No. 4.” There are a number of subtle hints at sensuality and sexuality in this work. Anouschka's breathy-rich voice only adds to the sensation. “Cha Cha Charlie” leaps off the CD with charming style!”
Songwriter Review Extravaganza, (AP) 06/1998 U.S.A.


“An accomplished guitar player who uses chromatic chord changes, subtle underscoring, and lots of surprising dynamics that homogenize her airy compositions.......Anouschka is a strong vocalist, but a surprisingly fine, subtle acoustic a year or so, Anouschka could be an AC favorite.” Chad Goodell, Music Connection, 02/13/2000 Los Angeles, U.S.A.

“Cha Cha Charlie: “The intro of speaking to the guy (in the kitchen?) sets it up with humor...Good rhythm, swings.” Audiogalaxy, U.S..2000