My Kind of Heartbreak

Includes the Award Winning song "Beautiful but Damned" (Honorable Mention John Lennon Songwriting Award)

Musik An Sich, Germany


"What a great work! The sound quality of the whole album is unbelievable..." Station Manager, Midnight Special Blues Radio, France

"There are songs that seemingly don't do anything to you, but when you try to push them away - you cannot. That's the case of “Beautiful but Damned”. It's not at all my station's format. So I tried to push it away, but I cannot." Midnight Special Blues Radio, Paris "I`ll play more and more!" Good Time Blues Radio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Anouschka is a master of versatility... she is at the same level of Norah Jones and Shania Twain and Ms. Joan Osbourne. Her lyrics have depth with a wink. A fantastic voice with the ability to phrase in a manner most pop stars can't- really good. She can do pop as wella s jazz and blues, all excellent with a portion of self-ironi and this lightness that makes this CD appropriate anytime, any place, any where." 

"Anouschka ist eine Meisterin der Täuschung, die das Schwere einfach verkauft, die ihre Texte mit Tiefgang versieht, sie aber mit einem Augenzwinkern anbietet, ohne Probleme zu vergleichen mit Norah Jones und Shania Twain und Ms. Joan Osbourne. Eine wunderbare Stimme, mit der Fähigkeit zu Phrasierungen, die normalen Popsternchen einfach abgeht - richtig gut. Aber: sie kann Pop genauso gut wie Jazz und Blues, alles unaufdringlich, mit einer Portion Selbstironie und dieser Leichtigkeit, die diese CD anytime, anyplace ,anywhere macht. Dietrich Gastrock,Home of Rock" Germany 08.02.2011


"Impressive writing is showcased by very professionally handled instrumentation and attention to detail. 'My Kind Of Heartbreak' sits snugly between genres, has a vaguely retro feel but manages to sound fresh and wholesome....the genre shake-up thing gives 'My Kind Of Heartbreak' by Anouschka a wider audience base to aim her subtly ballsy music at." Toxic Pete, Rhythm & Booze, U.K.



"Eclectic and very good Americana. Jazz, country, rock and blues are mixed in an extremely competent manner. To be able to dopy, uptempo country one minute and shift into a sad blues reveals great musicality. Cool and different! She's taken some hard knocks in life but that has made herwiser. Faith in romance and love she still has, this good girl gone wild!" M.Hillbom, Musiklivet, Sweden