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Jan 22 Bitter End, New York 9:30 pm

Anouschka will be performing a 15 minute set at the legendary historic  Bitter End music venue in New York City.  

For over 50 years, our audiences have been blown away by legendary artists like Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga…


First live song clip is up!

Hi guys! Here's me performing my song "Why Should I Go On?" live at Stallbacken, Örebro, Sweden. It was a slightly chilly day, but the love in the audience kept me warm. Show me some love and leave a comment…

Performance Dates & Venues

Here are the dates and venues I will be performing at for Live at Heart Festival, Örebro, Sweden (my birth country) I am very excited to play Nicolai Church -spiritual vibe and amazing acoustics Am also thrilled to play the…


Germanys Annual Country Festival

Anouschka is one of the international artists invited to perform at Germanys 4th Annual Country Music Meeting Saturday Feb 8th. at noon.The festival is a three-day event with music, line dancing, exhibitions and just plain fun. Tickets for the all…