Anouschka at Live at Heart, Canada October 2018

Live at Heart Festival in Canada.The event took place in Newfoundland where we were welcomed with incredible warmth and hospitality. I had the pleasure of meeting industry giants Robert Singerman, Jeff Bova, Peter Åstedt, Kyria Kilakos, Franz Schüller, Sergio Noronha, Artur Peixoto, Sandy Graham, David Silbaugh, Jack Liao, Sumesh Lal, Phil Harrington, Chiahua Yeh  Evan Murray in an intimate setting, and picking their brains for a few daysI I feel ready to move forward with my dreams. I hope you will join me on it as I grow as a person and artist.  My colleagues were all amazing spirits with big hearts and talents.

Live at Heart, thank you for picking me for this incredible time. I miss you all already. You are Live in my heart.


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