"Shine (Angaza)" nominated in JPF Music Awards for Positive Song 

"Shine (Angaza)" recorded in a small studio in the Nairobi ghetto Satellite to support the local music scene and raise awareness for Kenyan music and children in poverty has been nominated by JPF Music awards out of 240,000 song entries in Positive Song category! This means a lot to me and my Kenyan friends!!!! I recorded the vocals watching the goats walk by outside. How many people can say that? It was such a cool experience! The producer Teddy B'Producer is a well-known Gospel Producer in Kenya and has been nominated numerous times for their equivalent of the Grammys. I was the first non-gospel artist he choose to work with. I was also told I am the first mzungo woman who recorded this style of afro-americana-pop fusion in 2014. Anyone know if that is true? Anyway, "Shine" was played on Kenyan country and pop stations thanks to the efforts of Kennet Poet B as well as to a larger East African audience thanks to Mzazi Willy M. Tuva This song was one where I used my first words in Swahili to relate better to the orphans and Kenyan friends. When I visited Lea Wana orphanage on the coast with the tracks, I'd blast Shine out from the car stereo and we'd all dance around the car singing "Hebu Angaza!" ASANTE JPF Awards Just Plain Folks for nominating SHINE (ANGAZA) and helping to put us all on the map!

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