2019 New Singles "Na Wewe" and a rewrite of "Shine" Remix
Nairobi, Kenya
Anouschka is just back from a hectic year! She released "Na Wewe"and a rewrite of "Shine" for international audiences in 2019. She performed them for a media tour in Kenya, and Showcased for MIDEM, France.

2018 First Tracks as Producer Released
Anouschka releases ”Holding On” and ”The Way I See You” for radio in U.S.A. and Canada. She uses her African name (Chadi) for these releases. 

2014 Hollywood Ending
Berlin, Germany
Anouschka recorded her first solo album, guitar and vocals raw in Berlin Germany. The song "Parting" was nominated by IAMA- the International Acoustic Music Awards. The song "Kiss Me Hello" was also nominated by IAMA. It was also used in a film on SVT (Swedish Television)

2013 Shine (Angaza)
Nairobi, Kenya
While in Kenya to perform "Dying to Be Free'  for the Global March of Lions, Anouschka met a local producer Teddy B. She stayed and recorded "Shine (Angaza"). The album fuses local beats and Kiswahili into her songwriting. The original title track "Shine" was nominated out of 240,000 entries in the JPF Awards, USA. The track, "To Know Love" went on steady rotation in the UK. The track "Hey Day",  received Honourable Mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Awards.

2012 Dying to Be Free Anti Canned/Anti-Trophy Hunting Song
Berlin, Germany
A year later, she was asked by award-winning preservationist Gareth Patterson, South Africa, to write the song “Dying to Be Free”  to protest canned lion hunting in South Africa in 2010. It is based on his book “Dying to Be Free”. The song became the campaign song for the 2014 Global March of Lions held in 60 countries.

2010 So Why?
Berlin, Germany/Stockholm, Sweden
"So Why?" was rhythm-tracked in Stockholm, Sweden, vocal tracked and mixed in Berlin, Germany 2009. Home of Rock, Germany wrote, "She is a master of versatility and depth." French magazine La Coyote. called "Her song "Silently" a Bob Dylan level song, a pearl."  The song "Lust" was nominated out of 240,000 entires in the Just Plain Folks Awards U.S.A.

2008 Collaborations Under the StarsEva Hillerud and Trust the River Daniel Hertov 
Anouschka wrote two collaborations on Gotland Writers Retreat in Sweden which became album cuts. "Under the Stars" was written with Eva Hillered and cut on her album "Heaven & Hill", Sweden/Nashville. "Trust the River' was written with Daniel Herzov and cut on his album "Believing", UK.

2005 My Kind of Heartbreak
Stockholm, Sweden
Anouschka recorded the blues-influenced album "My Kind of Heartbreak" in Sweden. The album was inspired by improvising songs on the fly with her guitar at a weekly blues jam. Toxic Pete, Rhythm & Booze, U.K., wrote: "Impressive writing is showcased by very professionally handled instrumentation and attention to detail.” The album "My Kind of Heartbreak” placed 2nd on the Midnight Blues Station in Paris, France with the song "Man Like You", "Beautiful but Damned" and went on steady rotation on the Dr. Lou show in Philadelphia, U.S.A. 

1994 Anouschka 
Boston, U.S.A.
Her debut EP "Anouschka"  was released while at Berklee College of Music. She later relocated to Los Angeles. Leading industry magazine Music Connection reviewed a performance there, calling her “a strong vocalist, but a surprisingly fine, subtle acoustic guitarist.” 

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