Song Queen Mission

Song Queen Ltd is an in-house Music Label and Fashion Brand. Song Queen Ltd owns and manages artist brands ANOUSCHKA  and her urban project CHADI

Anouschka music is guitar-composed songs in jazz, blues, pop, singer songwriter. The CHADI Project  is  urban and a afro pop brand in East African markets.

We aim to create quality music and content by emphasizing craft and substance. No shortcuts, flash and cash. We believe artists should be good role models and mentor upcoming artists in both acoustic and computer-based music. We offer Lifeskills through Music Workshops in communities where story-telling and creative expression can offer a temporary reprieve from poverty and help build self-esteem for change. 

We stand against racism, agism, sexism and other forms of biases. All you need is an open mind, a compassionate heart and a hungry soul to roll with us. Please feel free to contact us regarding our products and services.

Song Queen & the Team

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