Song Queen Workshops

Song Queen Workshops are specialized, intensive workshops to enhance life skills, critical thinking, self-esteem, team building, trauma healing, empowerment and individual expression through role play, performance exercises, audio & song storytelling, and body/healing dance. Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of  the target group, age and size through integrative learning and hands-on participation. Participants explore their uniqueness through creative exercises while building confidence and self-reliance to meet other challenges of life. We aim to train participants to conduct future workshops and help their peers and to bridge communities online.

Workshops Offered:
Life Skills through Story telling
This workshop offers a basic toolbox of songwriting skills to enable the participant to write and present his/her song or musical poem while addressing a weekly modular theme to explore and build self-awareness, self-esteem and joy.

Oratory Focus Leadership Workshop - role play, relaxation  techniques, public speaking, speech writing
Story telling with Song Songwriting, Lyric writing, Song Form, Basic Harmony Awareness, Basic Singing
Story telling with Creative Audio Scriptwriting, Story Form, Narration, Production & Mixing
Movement Focus Dance and Body Healing

SongQueen also offers trade-specific workshops for local musicians/artists in songwriting, industry standards, sound business practices while levelling  gender inequalities in the music business. These workshops double as a search light for talent to mentor in partnership with local recording studios and producers.  It is the hope that SongQueen “graduates” will pay forward to society and themselves become mentors to a new generation of goodwill artists and positive role models.

Industry-specific Workshops Offered:
Instrument Focus Guitar - Learn how to play the guitar
Music Production Training (producing music, sound and ethical business practices)
Song Writing Training (Form, Lyric Content, Chord Harmony)
Professional Practices for the Working Musician/Artist
Branding, Social Media, the Indie Musician

All workshops will have an evaluation and follow up with the option to schedule  new workshops building upon prior knowledge. Participants are invited to stay in touch via an online forum where concerns, experiences, questions can be shared to build a vibrant network of empowered individuals.

SAMPLE WORKSHOP 6 weeks life skills for young women to build self esteem and own their creative process

Prior track record: Music Mentorship in Boston, MA for troubled teens, music curriculum and implementation in inner city school system with immigrant children, children with downs syndrome and inner city children from the projects in Boston, MA, arts development program for troubled teen girls at Xist in Stockholm, Sweden, music and drama lessons for the Cultural School of Stockholm. Mentorship in leadership skills for youth in the Kibera slums, Kenya through Amani Kibera for the Mr and Mrs Kibera Festival 2017.