International Singer Songwriter Influencer Trailblazer Anouschka

The magic of music is that, it can be more than words and music-it can give us a glimpse into worlds vastly different than our own. Enter Anouschka, a dynamic international performing artist constantly stretching creative musical horizons."I have always followed the song", she says, "even when it was an uphill battle."

Anouschka is a trailblazing Swedish/American singer-songwriter with a deep desire to bring her travels and observations to her listeners through songs that capture the soul of the people, places, and things she sings about.  She is known for musical versatility, well-crafted songs with elegant lyrics; innovative vocal phrasing, and smooth guitar chops. "Anouschka's songs have long, rich texts that you want to hear..... Anouschka fills every song she does with intrigue that feels exciting and full of emotion, whether she works in the jazz, blues or rock idiom." Rune Häger, Rootsy Magazine, Sweden Feb 2013

Throughout her 20 years in the music industry, Anouschka’s authentic style and ability to creatively reinvent herself has gained her international acclaim.  Her fearless and bold spirit has helped pave the path  for women whenever she has found herself  the only women in proverbial industry rooms occupied by men. Her songs have played worldwide and she has captivated audiences in the United States, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, and Kenya with charismatic performances and soulful lyrics.

Anouschka’s journey began when she taught herself guitar at the age 13 and started writing songs. As a teenager, she became lead singer for an all-girl rock band in Sweden. She was bitten by the performance bug and moved to New York and later Boston to pursue music opportunities beyond Sweden. She found herself the only guitar and songwriting woman whether at industry events, guitar classes at Berklee College of Music, or  jam sessions for many years. At times met by heavy criticism, objectification and condescension, Anouschka never shied away from sharing her gift or compromising her ethics, encouraging other  women to also follow their dreams.

Anouschka has a Political Science Degree from Tufts University and a MA in Natural Resource Management from Stockholm University, Sweden. She speaks French, German, Swedish, English, and a little Kiswahili.  She refined her songwriting craft at Berklee College of Music, graduating Cum Laude in 1996. She released her debut EP "Anouschka" to rave reviews at this time weaving intrinsic lyrics with jazz-inspired songs and worked as an inner-city music teacher before relocating to Los Angeles.  In Los Angeles, she honed her acting skills at Joanne Barron Studios while performing her music in local venues. Leading industry magazine Music Connection wrote:  “An accomplished guitar player who uses chromatic chord changes, subtle underscoring, and lots of surprising dynamics that homogenize her airy compositions.......Anouschka is a strong vocalist, but a surprisingly fine, subtle acoustic a year or so, Anouschka could be an AC favorite.” Chad Goodell. She moved back to Sweden in 2005 where she became exposed to the blues, performed locally and released "My Kind if Heartbreak". "Impressive writing is showcased by very professionally handled instrumentation and attention to detail." Toxic Pete, Rhythm & Booze, U.K. In 2009 she moved to Berlin seeking new creative frontiers. She worked  as the music reporter for NPR, acted in numerous anti-fascist underground plays, and released the EP "So Why?" and her first solo album "Hollywood Ending" to rave reviews.

Anouschka’s sense of adventure took her to the South African Bush in 2010, where she trained as a Field Guide. This experience deeply influenced her music and served as inspiration for her widely popular song “Dying to be Free”. Penned with South African author/activist Gareth Patterson, “Dying to be Free” is the first song against canned lion hunting and was the campaign song in 60 countries for the Global March of Lions 2014. 

In 2013, Anouschka demonstrated her bold and innovative spirit again by becoming the first western woman to travel to Kenya to release a fusion style album before the genre was trendy. Her album Shine (Angaza), introduced Kenyan beats and Kishwahili into her songwriting, and set a trend since followed by other artists.  She returned to Kenya 2016 and crowd-funded money to seat 604 impoverished school children.  As a token of gratitude, the Giriama Tribe gave her the African name "CHADI". Today, Anouschka still honors this blessing and uses it as her stage name for her African-inspired songs and self-produced urban songs. Its serves as a reminder to always be grateful.

In 2018, CHADI released the Kenyan-inspired single, “Na Wewe”. She also dropped her first urban songs as a producer, "The Way I See You," "Holding On," and "This is the Time". "Holding On" features Emmy-Award Winning spoken-word poet Matthew. The songs also feature bass by Max (Beyoncé, Raphael Saadiq, Party Next Door), and  Grammy-Nominated Beau Vallis (Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne) provided remixing for US radio.

Ever a global influencer and trailblazer, Anouschka launched her fashion brand in 2017, Song Queen Couture "For the song in every woman 'cause you weren't born to be a groupie."  Today, Anouschka manages her label, publishing, promo, and distribution through Song Queen Ltd. and is a member of ASCAP/STIM, and SKAP, Sweden. She is an avid mentor and activist for wildlife, education out of poverty, and gender equity. She continues to inspire others to own their own creative vision, and to build bridges through the arts. She is currently composing new releases for 2019.