Anouschka writes music that offers listeners a space to slow down, breathe and just hang in her vibe. She creates her songs on her laptop in Logic. She sings, plays guitar and keys, programs beats in midi, and manipulates samples and loops in order to achieve her sound. She outsources live bass. 

In 2022, Anouschka promoted her first batch as a bedroom producer. The songs were well received; they got 70.9K streams on Spotify, 33.6 k listeners in 131 countries. 

Her  releases “Holding On”, “The Way I See You” and “Driving Me Crazy” played in Zara Stores, airports in Brazil, and numerous playlists.  “Show Some Love”  played on major radio stations in Scandinavia. “Lifeline" (a bossa inspired song) has been called a hit by media outlets in Chile, Mexico and Brazil and was selected  best of vocal jazz 2023 by Guia Records, Brazil. 

Anouschka has been a semi-finalist not once, but three times in the IAMA Awards (where Meagen Trainer got her start), three times in the John Lennon Songwriting Awards, and once in the Billboard World Song. She has placed every time she has entered a contest.

Anouschka   is also known for her songs which pioneered a fusion style in Kenya. She has performed live for millions on East African television with hits like  “Shine” and “Hey Day”. In the past year they made their way beyond East Africa's borders

Previous accolades include  “Dying to Be Free”- the song commissioned in South Africa as the campaign song  for the global march to save the African Lion, which was held in 64 countries, and  “Sioni”  (2023) - a collaboration with the the family that wrote the Kenyan National Anthem. 

After her initial growth spurt this past year, Anouschka took a break to compose and produce the next batch of songs. She is looking for support for SM promo and management so that she can focus more on  her music