Songwriter, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Arranger, Lyricist and Producer

MOTTO “Honey, if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself”

Swedish-American singer songwriter/producer Anouschka  grew up moving extensively as a child, and her multi cultural upbringing is apparent in her approach to life and music. She graduated from  Berklee College in guitar and songwriting. At the time she was one of the few female guitar students. Anouschka has since maintained her narrative while writing, creating, arranging, performing and releasing her music with poetic lyrics and effortless blend of jazz, pop, blues and Kenyan influences.

In addition to a degree in Guitar and Songwriting, Anouschka studied vocal training with coach to the stars Ron Anderson (Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige Adele, The Weeknd,Joss Stone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Janet Jackson,Björk) in Los Angeles , Music Production at Bristol Studios in Boston, (Universal Motown, Interscope,  Sony Music Group, Mercury Records, , New Kids On The Block, Ahmir, Meatloaf,  YoYo Ma) and performance/camera acting  at Joanne Barron/DW Brown Studios and Piero Dusa Academy in Santa Monica, California. She has worked as a music teacher in the inner city-school system, as a music reporter for NPR 104.9 FM, Berlin, and as an artist/songwriting coach for Universal artists in Germany to the MR and Mrs Kibera annual festival in Nairobi, Kenya

In 2013 Anouschka innovated the first fusion style in Kenya as a westerner blending kiswahili, English local beats and western songwriting. She did this with the upcoming local producer Teddy B in a studio in the Nairobi ghetto area Satellite to build bridges and raise awareness for the Kenyan music scene.. She has since returned to Kenya numerous times and continued releasing spiritual songs there with the likes of House of Dillie.

Her latest  EP “Too Chill For Drama” is produced by Anouschka in her home studio in Gustavsberg, Sweden  and released under her American label Song Queen.  She sings, plays guitars, keys, manipulates samples and makes the beats. 

Anouschka says her purpose is to share “A place of peace and healing in an over-hyped world where we can just hang. Sometimes it’s okay not to resolve or go anywhere”. “Too Chill For Drama” includes “Lifeline” which placed as Finalist in the 29th Annual USA Song Writing Competition last year and has been called a masterpiece for its innovative blend of bossa and quirky sounds. The album also includes “Holding On”, a Romeo and Juliet themed story which curators snapped up for playlists, “Show Some Love” which advocates tolerance in an increasingly divisive world, and the latest song “Homeboy” which Anouschka says is “the sweetest revenge song  to an ex that you will ever hear”. 

Even in her new sonic landscape, the influence of guitar is evident; her songwriting typically originates with a guitar riff. In an industry where roughly 20 percent woman are artists and 2 percent producers, Anouschka continues to defy sexism and agism with her authentic narrative and gentle touch. “I do not need to be loud to show that I am empowered. My work speaks for itself”

Accolades include Berklee Song Awards and  Finalist placement  at John Lennon Songwriting Contest, IAMA , USA Songwriting, Billboard Song of the Year, and Just Plain Folks nominations