"From a stars perspective, we are only here for a short time. 
Let's leave things better than when we arrived." Anouschka


Protect Wildlife

Artist Statement

"Dying to Be Free" is the first song written to protest canned lion hunting at the request of South African author Gareth Patterson The song tells the true story of the murder of the Dark Lioness during a canned lion hunt. You can see the photos above. Lions are farmed to be shot in cages or small enclosures as trophies by tourists. There a very few wild and free African lions left. The song was the campaign song for the Global March Against Lions 2014. Please read more at
About Gareth Patterson
Gareth Patterson is an environmentalist, independent wildlife researcher and author who has worked tirelessly for more than twenty-five years for the greater protection of African wildlife. He is the author of Cry for the Lions (1989), Where the Lion Walked (1991), The Lions’ Legacy (1991), Last of the Free (1994), With My Soul Amongst Lions (1995), Dying to be Free (1998) Making a Killing (2000) To Walk with Lions (2001) and The Secret Elephants (2010). 


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