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Chicago Music Guide, U.S.A. 2006 "An Interview with: Anouschka"  Dennis M. Kelly April 2006

HI everyone and welcome to Song Queen! Song Queen LLC is my in-house Music and Fashion brand.

Song Queen Productions offers my jazzy, blusey singer songwriter albums under my brand ANOUSCHKA, I have built the ANOUSCHKA brand internationally for 20 years and you probably know me best with my guitar in hand.  But,.. you know, a good artist keeps growing which is why you find me experimenting with new creative frontiers.

I am excited to introduce my new songs this year as producer and singer songwriter in a more urban vein under the name CHADI. This is a very exciting sonic landscape for me. 

Last but not least are the Kenyan-inspired songs which I first began recording in 2003. They can be found under CHADI KENYA.

I have begun mentoring and, at the request of the youth I come into contact with as an artist, fine-tuned my classes and workshops. I call them Song Queen Workshops and they are built on my unique skill set as former educator, and indie artist in the music industry in not one, but three continents. Most importantly, they are based on the sensibility of the struggle that goes into building yourself up as an artist with the odds against you. There is nothing impossible. The impossible just takes a little longer.

I offer Life skills through Music Workshops in communities where story-telling and creative expression can offer a temporary reprieve from poverty and help build self-esteem for change. 

I stand against racism, agism, sexism and other forms of biases. All you need is an open mind, a compassionate heart and a hungry soul to roll with me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, offers of support.


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This lovely poster was designed by Jonathan Knape in sweden for the release of the second album "My Kind of Heartbreak". Limited edition.
Not available in  stores.